Swiming Pools

We have a total of 4 swimming pools, 2 of them specifically customized for children. Our guests' health is of crucial importance to us. Therefore, the hygienic maintenance of our swimming pools is being run on a 24-hour basis.

MAY Garden is famous for its gorgeous, guitar-shaped main swimming pool. This beautiful architectural piece is enhanced with a 54 meters long, exciting water slide. The main swimming pool has other attractive extensions such as the water bell and the mushroom waterfall, as well. For safety reasons, food & drink service inside the pool area is performed with polycarbonate materials rather than porcelain and glass dishes.


Children's Pool #1: Seated on a 40 m² area and 40 cm deep, this pool is a wonderful and safe fun spot for your kids.

Children's Pool #2: 25m² wide and 90 cm deep, this pool is the place your children are going to learn or practice swimming skills inevitably.

Adults' Pool #1: This pool has an area of 140 m², a depth of 130 cm, and is located under an artificial waterfall. It also is the fixed place for pool games and water polo matches.

Adult's Pool #2: The largest part of the famous guitar-shaped pool, with 675 m² area and a depth ranging between 130 cm and 190 cm, this part of the pool is an ideal hangout for swimming, exercising or just relaxing. Try grabbing a cold drink and enjoying your sunbath, after getting out of a soothing swim in this one.

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