About Us

MAY Garden Club hotel has been striving for providing the best possible service to its guests, since 1999. The hotel rests on a 8.567 m²- facility, and has an architectural design that has been carefully customized to maximize customer satisfaction.

Our facilities consist of 6 luxurious blocks, each having 5 stores. In total, we have 202 rooms, in various standards, and 444 beds. However, the most renowned and unique feature of MAY Garden is, our beautiful, guitar-shaped, 826 m²swimming pool.

Nearly all our rooms have a good, soothing view of the beach, the pool and the gardens. Our guests enjoy watching the sunset in our terrace café, while sipping their favorite cocktails.

MAY Garden Hotel, which soon will be celebrating its 11th anniversary, has always renewed and raised its quality standards. With the feedback we have received from our satisfied customers, we have always aimed to be even more worthy of the money our guests pay.

The rich and delicious array of dishes our experienced chefs prepare for you, both from the Turkish and the world cuisine are surely going to have a long-lasting effect on your senses. Our facilities and dynamic entertainment team are fully equipped to entertain our guests and their children. The 6-person entertainment team will provide you an all-day service with pool & beach games, sports activities, kids club and other fun events. Moreover, we have exclusive stage shows every single night. Our guests also have free and unlimited access to the hotel's Turkish bath and sauna, from the moment they check-in to MAY Garden Club Hotel. We wish you a pleasant stay in advance.

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